Frequently Asked Questions

Is combcapper™ easy to use?
Yes, combcapper™ is a one-piece,  multiple function device to help beekeepers in the process of capping honeycomb.

Does combcapper™ work with standard bee frames?

Yes, combcapper™ works with all shallow, medium and deep Langstroth style bee frames.

What are the 4 holes in the combcapper™ design used for?
The holes are designed to fit the top bar of the frames and secure them in place while you cut the honeycomb cappings into the bucket.

How does combcapper™ fit atop a 5 or 6 gallon bucket?
The back of each combcapper™ includes an integrated arch which matches the rounded edge of a standard 5 gallon bucket. The bucket fits snugly inside this arch allowing for a secure fit.

Why is a nail included with each combcapper™?
The stainless steel nail and pre-drilled hole is intended for a more traditional use. Any frame can sit atop the nail allowing for a 360º frame rotation while cutting the cappings.

Where do I get a replacement nail?
Purchase a replacement .095 stainless steel nail at any hardware store then cut to a finished length of 1 1/4".

Is combcapper™ durable and is it dishwasher safe?

Yes, combcapper™ is made of a durable polypropylene resin and it is dishwasher safe. Be sure to remove the nail before washing.

How can I purchase combcapper™?
Currently, the combcapper™ is available for purchase online.  All sales require a valid credit card.The sales price includes shipping and handling in the continental United States. 

What is included with the purchase of combcapper™?
Each combcapper™ purchase comes with one tray and one stainless nail. 

Why does my credit card transaction details read Cedar Creek Apiary, LLC?
Combcapper™ is manufactured, sold, and distributed by Cedar Creek Apiary, LLC.

Where is combcapper™ manufactured?
Combcapper™ is manufactured in Monroe, North Carolina.

Are there wholesale opportunities with combcapper™?
Yes, we welcome wholesaler inquiries. Please visit the Contact Us page or email us at

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